One handed standing, multi-tasking and self feeding


One handed standing and multi-tasking

Not until this morning would Tink do this, I got her to touch my hand to build her confidence this is also helping her learn to balance. no physical prompting or physical guiding, no force, all of her own choice.

Tina’s first steps to feeding herself with cutlery

Back chaining (starting a task backwards): I filled a spoon with trifle and placed it into Tinks mouth and left it, which she held in her mouth. When she touched the spoon I tagged and then gave Tink another spoon full and left it again. This time she grabbed hold of the spoon and took it out of her mouth so tagged it as she was taking the spoon out. I then filled spoon again put it in her mouth. Tink took the spoon out again and held it. This time she put the spoon back in to her mouth herself so i tagged and filled the spoon again. I then offered the spoon to Tink, she took it and put it in her mouth.

There are first steps of Tink feeding herself with cutlery. No professional who has worked with my daughter has ever even thought of doing this or achieved it. Instead they use hand over hand, to me that’s not teaching it’s just like asking a dog to sit and forcing its bum down.