Drinking From a Straw

This is Tink drinking through a straw. This a special cup and straw to teach straw drinking. It’s called a honey bear, when Tink attempts to suck I TAG and reinforce by squeezing the bear which loads the straw. I shaped this up at first by just TAGging and reinforceing straw in mouth, then lips round straw and then cheeks in.


Intravenous Blood Draw

15894339_369205073444086_6119310516855263964_nThis was a huge success last year. We had conditioned Tink to a finger prick blood test. We had been working on it for weeks, when we got to the hospital we was told it was actually a intravenous blood draw. We were not prepared for that so we had to work quickly and go back the next day. We conditioned a intravenous blood draw in one day!