More Great Progress

1511353_163040744060521_8715015338097785365_nJanuary 7: Ask Tink for a hand touch. TAGs hand touch and reinforces with bounce. We did this 3 times. Then we asked Tink to touch the ball and again TAG and reinforce with bounce.

Then we raised the criteria because Tink was asking again so we gradually moved the ball higher and higher each time so eventually Tink was pushing to free stand to touch the ball. Now I have back ache but worth it.

January 8: Tink wanted her program on again. I decided to try something out. So I turned my back a little to her with the remote in my hands. Then i felt these little hands nudging my back and heard her say whilst nudging me “Oi, Dado, helloooooo,” then i turned round a bit towards her all the time Tink was still nudging me, then locked eye contact with facial expression and said “Dado Doc on again please,” so I tagged her and reinforced her with her program on again.

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