Anything is Possible

12507332_168288083535787_2563349750175188241_nYesterday Tink had a epic day. She went to a friends party that was in a very busy play centre. Yes you got it, she played on everything. She did not only cope in a very loud busy environment but was part of it and enjoyed every minute of it. We then went for a meal with some other friends, when we arrived Tink was a sleep in a very, very busy, noisy family pub. She woke up with noise and a huge amount of stimuli in her environment and she didn’t even bat an eye.

Not once did her environment stop her from having fun, not once did she have a meltdown, not once did things get too much for her. This was all down to very effective, very simple interventions and effective positive reinforcement. This is what TAGteach and the science of ABA is giving her. Its giving her a quality of life. This science is giving her magic in her little life so she is able to enjoy that life.

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