TAG, Reinforce

12418108_168277960203466_8110338503996305899_nTink has a new sippee cup which is a bit different to her last one its much harder to suck (we chose it for this reason on purpose). So I placed cup full in front of her on floor. Tink looks at cup TAG, reinforce. Tink touches cup TAG, reinforce. Tink grasps cup TAG, reinforce. Tink drinks from cup TAG, reinforce. Here is where we got a total knew spontaneous behaviour.

Normally Tink would throw the cup down in all sorts of directions. This time she placed the cup down on its side in front of her. So that is what I’m TAGing every time Tink PLACES the cup on the floor I’m TAGging and reinforcing her and marking, reinforcing and increasing a knew behaviour. This is pretty much as simple as you can get, yet so so very effective.

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