Setting Up for Success

Tink requested her watsit  bowl, the watsit we only use as reinforcement.  So she was telling me she wanted to work and what she wanted to be reinforced with. The task I chose was a very simple one (leg kicks to target, hand touch to target). The reason I chose these very simple ones was because Tink chose herself to work so I wanted to make sure I gave her very easy opportunity for her to earn that reinforcement. This will increase the chance of her wanting herself to work.

Using PECS Book for Requests

14671295_322475184783742_1559939870844556058_nTink goes to her PECS book turns the page and pulls off her nappy card. She hands me the card I tag her and then go and get the mat etc. I put the mat on the floor and she immediately goes to it. I’ve not redirected her, I’ve not prompted her, I’ve not even touched her. All I did was start to put her drink on her PECS card on her PECS book and reinforced with the request item any attempt to request an item.

Placement of Reinforcement

14702219_320182575013003_6675466956066667676_nPlacement of reinforcement: I place Tinks drink on her PECS book on her drink PECS card. Every time she’s had a drink I put it back on the card on the book. Every time Tink wants a drink she goes to her PECS book. This makes the book and card a conditioned reinforcer.

When the bottle is empty I put the bottle on the card still. Tink wants a drink, she goes to her book sees bottle is empty picks up the drink card and requests a drink.