Enjoying Things Other Families Do

14102457_294591384238789_5562515585311172865_nIn over 2 years of using TAGteach and food as reinforcers Eirinn is neither obese or has any problematic association with food. In fact she has a wide range of reinforcers, the environment is now reinforcing to her, she has very few meltdowns, she has learned a great many things and progressed with out forcing her.

She can communicate her needs, she can tolerate medical procedures like blood tests and can be accurately tested in audiology and eye tests. We can help her any time and in any environment. We are not as restricted as a family, we can enjoy the things many other families do!

Staying Positive= Success

One of the biggest successes of using TAGteach and positive reinforcement is not with Tink but with me. I no longer raise my voice at people. I don’t raise my voice at Eirinn either.

I haven’t punched any one for quite along time even though I am still tempted tbh this is what has really left me awe struck. That at one time my answer to problems was physical force.

I’ve also learned to be a lot more tactful and aware of how my responses can effect someone else’s behaviour. Keep it coming, I’m slowly getting there!

Mowing the Lawn= Success

Tink didn’t used to like the lawn ¬†mower. So we used the sound proof your puppy app to help. This app also lets you record your own noises which is quite useful and also because it’s a app this can give Eirinn choice of pressing the sound icon herself to access reinforcement.

When Eirinn heard the lawn mower today she wanted to come outside and watch me mow the lawn. Sound Proof Puppy Training by Amy Smith.

Making History



Sat here reading Tinks data from the autism support UK ABA Saturday school (formally Focus Manchester). What has just dawned on me is not only is this outstanding work from autism support UK and progress from Tink, it is also the first evidence of effective intervention with a patient with a ap2s1 mutation and fhh3 I’ve ever come across.

There are 9 people in the world with this rare condition that also are described as having cognitive, behavioural disruptions and learning difficulties in scientific literature. This data I’m reading is probably a world first showing Aba and TAGteach to be effective intervention in 1 of these patients. This data could very well be history being written and probably is.