Adding Stimuli

When interacting with a non-verbal vulnerable child with special needs or autism. Try to be aware of the stimuli you are adding to an interaction. Sometimes unintentionally we add stimuli that is too much for them to cope with and this can overwhelm and overload them very quickly and can cause trigger stacking.

Creating Positive Experiences



I posted earlier about how quick we learn via the nervous system. Now imagine an unpleasant experience learned via the nervous system. Our senses tap in to this kind of learning, smell, taste, touch, sight, sound. All these things and unpleasant experience learned via these senses hardwire the brain to possible danger.

These type of learning conditions create emotional responses that the brain prioritizes first because they are essential to survival. This is why it is so important to create positive experiences and be aware of this type of learning and what you could be conditioning.

Bloodtest Success!

13726857_274572626240665_3965116624327667977_nWe found using a ball pump valve useful in conditioning the needle. Although obviously this doesn’t cause any pain. We can condition the sensory of the metal needle touching her and her keeping still whilst its stuck on her arm. We also conditioned her to use her other hand to hold mine to prevent her messing with the needle or knocking it away.

This also gave her control over the procedure because any time she let go she knew we would stop and only start again when she held my hand. There was obviously the reinforcement we used and a target that isn’t shown in this pic.

When your daughter sticks her arm out and requests the bloodtest “again.” That was a awsome experiance team work at its best. Tink did not move her arm once or show any discomfort . @wedontsweatbloodtests we have behaviour science in our corner!

Bloodtest Fail

13690716_273936772970917_6083099107449677800_nTink didn’t manage to have blood taken today. We managed to get the needle in, then she kept moving her hand away. That’s okay we can do some more prep work tonight and take he back tomorrow. We have some cream to numb the site too so we can resume the blood test tomorrow.

Tink didn’t have any real negative experience. So back tomorrow for round two of bloodtests.


13659201_270251960006065_63442813391592460_nTink requested a drink, When I went and made her a drink and brought it to her she marked my behaviour by clapping and called me a good girl.

Tink requested her mat and her fishing game. When the game was over she requested the fishing game again.

Last requests where nappy changed and bed these have been consistent last requests before bed time or a nap. All this requesting has tired Her Royal Highness out.