Making her Own Choices

12928423_210653619299233_4573090827486623678_nYesterday I posted a pic of Tink choosing her meal from pictures on a menu. Its become apparent that she has tried to do this previously but the menus had no pictures so that choice was not available for her.

There is so much Tink cant do that removes choice from her. Which means choice and her being given opportunities to make choices extremely important and maybe ties in a bit with why she hates physical prompts, corrections and hand over hand because they remove her choice.

She needs to be given as much choice as possible and supported with positive reinforcement to make good choices.

Tagging Breakfast

12378075_210821515949110_846819048595251418_oAnother example Tink wouldn’t eat her breakfast. I prompted her but she totally refused and avoided. So again out comes the bucket with her favourite crisps in. Every time she ate a piece of toast Tink got a TAG and her favourite crisp.

Then I TAGged every other piece of toast she ate and so on until she was sat on her own eating her breakfast with out reinforcement.

Progress :)

12924588_209716919392903_4455177141273256720_nTink wearing her Easter bunny ears. At one time she wouldn’t tolerate anything on her head or even her hair being touched. Yet here she is in a busy pub on Easter Sunday, eating a meal that she chose herself from a menu, sat at a table whilst wearing her bunny ear 🙂