Find Function in Behaviour

12431546_155532311478031_713443740_nI’m seeing lots of posts about NOT to let your child sit in a W leg position. I totally get why but most of these posts don’t mention another position that is also crucial to ddevelopment which is called a STNR reflex (symmetrical tonic neck reflex). Now children will often move in and out of a W position into other positions and movements iincludingthe STNR. It’s when children sit prolonged in the W and are not frequently moving in and out of the W it can cause a problem.

Tink regularly would go in to a W position and I was told to correct it. On one ocasion I was shaping legs in front when Tink went into the W position then moved in to a STNR ready to push to stand. So it’s always important to try to find out the function of a behaviour before you decide to change it.

Practicing With Professionals

12376510_146930255671570_5681883084672404781_nWe have been practicing with Tink putting a ball in a bowl. Yesterday this skill paid off BIG TIME. Tink placed a ball in my hand when asked several times. She also placed the ball in the portage workers hand.

This is the first time she has ever done that and it was in front of a professional (portage worker) who had seen us practicing putting the ball in the bowl. The Tink economy in full effect.

6 correct “balls in hand” and 2 incorrect. The next time instead of doing it out of 8 we lowered it to just 5 times this time and she got 5 out of 5 correct. This tells me the duration was too long the first time and to shorten the amount of repetitions.


12366389_146097375754858_4597868470087876718_nTink was near the door about to bang on it with her feet. So asked for TAGpoint near Mum. Tink crawled across the floor to her mum and lay down next to her. So I tagged the behaviour and her Mum reinforced her with gently stroking the back of Tink’s arm 🙂

Tink just crawled over to me and looked straight at me. I asked her “What do you want Eirinn?” Tink immediately started bouncing up and down and reached out her arms so I tagged her choice lifted her up on my knee and bounced her up and down. Tink started to giggle with delight. I stopped briefly and sure enough Tink said “again” so again tagged her request and bounced her up and down. This went on for awhile and I now need a lie down.