Expanded Range of Reinforcers

12279126_137841043247158_6114858275836441301_nTink is sat playing with her toy and every time she twists one of the buttons she then is reinforcing herself with her ball by rolling it. She then twists the buttons on her toy for a longer period of time and again reinforces herself with her ball. This has been going on for about 20 minutes. She finished up then just playing with the buttons on her toy.

We also tried something over the weekend where we had a the reinforces out (brush, crisps and another edible item). We asked her for a touch on a paper plate then let her choose which reinforcer she wanted. She was alternating between reinforcers but we think rather than the items being reinforcing it was the actual choice that reinforced her.

Learned Behaviour

12274397_134365696928026_1360542242823854919_nLearned behaviour: we often wonder why we see such disturbing things in society. How can some one do such and such? Where do they learn this from? Then we look at the reactions from people to these events. “A good slap on the legs and they wouldn’t do that”, “a thick ear would teach respect”, “we have become to soft” blah blah blah.

Well often behaviour is learned by what we teach and reinforce in society. So if we are teaching using the methods above don’t be too surprised if someone then does exactly that to an animal or another human being because this is how society thinks we should teach. If we teach by these methods then that is what we will see right across society.

From a Parent of a Child Diagnosed with a Rare Genetic Condition



From a parent with a 4 year old little girl with a complex genetic condition not much is known about, TAGteach has been the only thing that has made a real positive difference to my daughters progress.

Before we first started useing TAGteach we struggled to even get our daughter to engage with us. We were not seeing much progress in our daughters development. We felt at a loss and our beautiful little girl seemed lost to us. We struggled to reach her no matter how hard we tried our daughter couldn’t even cope with a cuddle or give eye contact. So we struggled to be able to teach her anything. Then we discovered TAGteach and things slowly and surely started to change.

We learned how to prepare our daughter for blood tests and medical tests. We learned to teach her to feed herself. We taught her to give eye contact. We learned to help her take control whilst having meltdowns, we watched in total awe as our screaming frustrated little girls tears turned in to laughs and giggles. We learned to help her cope with sensory processing issues. We learned to teach her to enjoy a swing. We learned to teach her to pull to stand and we learnt her to get up and down the stairs with assistance.

There are a great many things our daughter and us have learnt via the aid of TAGteach and this wonderful science. We are very much still novices and there is much we still have to learn but the one thing we have learned more than anything else is that we can learn and no matter what is thrown at us we can learn to sail our own ship and weather the storms. We have learned TAGteach is the unrivaled champion of our household and all this we learned from Martha Gablers website Chaos to Calm, TAGteach International and the webinar series for autism parents.

You don’t have to take my word for it in fact I would suggest you try it and see for yourself. I suspect you will not be disappointed our family certainly isn’t. Especially our once none verbal little girl who’s favourite phrase at the moment is “look what i can do”.

More Improvements Today



Note we have been working on all these things recently. Look how they are now being generalised at the Saturday club.

This is what team work looks like and building off skills Tink is learning. Also note how positive this feedback is. Tink’s Key worker Megan gets her and this is now paying off.

It’s particularly great to see creative play listed as a reinforcer. It used to be that food treats were the only reinforcer for Tink. She can now do things for fun and the range of available reinforcers is expanding.

Tink also walked up the steps with assistance at the Saturday club. When she was coming down the steps on her bum, Tink pulled to stand and assisted walked down the steps!

Tink scored 59 correct responses at the Focus Manchester Saturday club yesterday. 59 is the most she has got up to yet.

Home School



I’m seriously considering home educating Tink without the input of the various services. This means that we will probably never get ABA funded but it also means Eirinn will not be subjected to none evidence based interventions which cause her frustration, anxiety, harm and stupid statements that she hears like “Eirinn is on her own agenda”, “Eirinn has to learn the world is not always a nice place and she will have to do things she don’t like (as an excuse by therapist because they don’t have the skills to teach her with out causing problems that we have worked hard on without any support to put right).

I really don’t want to do this but I’m increasingly feeling that those who are paid to have Eirinn’s best interests at heart put their own above hers.