Tink engages with us

tink windowTink pulls to stand at window turns round towards us and signs bird! BOOOOOM!!

That engagement was what we struggled with. Everyone said we had to get her engaged but either their advice was ineffective or they didn’t know how. Having to compete with things that were self reinforcing like her sensory and stimming was hard then the processing too. She’s now starting to give professionals eye contact.


Tink interested in her book and looking for birds

tink bookTink showing interest in her book

Tink is starting to show interest in her book. I did just the same as I’ve done with everything else: look at book “tag” reinforce, touch book “tag” reinforce. Like the ball she now is showing interest in the book. The simplicity of just tagging her and reinforcing her is something that has been a huge benefit!

Tink looking for birds

I’ve lost count how many times Tink has pulled to stand at the window this morning to look at the birds . At first we tagged her for look at birds and reinforced. Now shes looking for the birds.

Don’t Shoot the Checkout Lady!

Last week whiKundschaft beim bezahlen an der Kasse im Supermarktlst Nat was in hospital, Tink and I had to do a little shopping. It was a tough week for us as a family last week and to be honest I was feeling the toll and it was really hard to be positive. We had finished our shopping and was standing in the queue to pay. We often use this supermarket because the check out ladies help you pack your shopping. This can be a huge help to a carer, disabled person or a parent with children. As I was getting closer to the till I noticed the checkout lady didn’t look like she was having a good day either. As she was packing the shopping she was ramming people’s shopping into the bag with grunts. Maybe something was playing on her mind, maybe she was just having a bad day, maybe someone had upset her at work. Who knows, but what I did know is she obviously wasn’t having a good day and the shopping was taking the brunt of it. Looking in our basket I felt dismay for our shopping that was very likely to bear the brunt of it too. I felt like telling her “hey that’s people’s shopping you’re ramming into those bags”.

As this was going through my head I started to think of how we were having a bad week and maybe she was too. What could I do to change that and save my shopping? As our shopping approached the till and the shop assistant had picked up the first item to scan I said to her, “I’d just like to tell you that many carers, parents and disabled people shop here because you help pack the bags for them. No other stores do this and it realty is a tremendous help. Today it’s made the difference in me being able to do our shopping, so thank you for helping make my day easier”.

She beamed back a big smile and the shopping started to be put in the bags with care and a smile.  THE BREAD WAS SAFE! As I left I paid for our shopping the lady thanked me for making her day and making her feel appreciated. WIN! I could have told her off, I could have made her feel even worse and my shopping very well may have paid the price too. I left the supermarket feeling different than I went in. I left the supermarket with a smile just like the checkout lady.

Physical guiding vs shaping

tinkfoot1Often in physio the therapist will move my daughters limbs etc. I think one of the reasons why my daughter isn’t really progressing in these sessions is because often she isn’t doing it herself. The physical guiding is also added processing baggage too. Positive reinforcement and shaping with tagteach can really help, I’ve taught Tink to feed herself, drink from her cup, pull to stand and take steps holding on to the settee with out any physical guiding. And because she is doing this herself I suspect this is what is really helping her.

First steps on open mouth and putting “do it” and “did it” to use

First steps of open mouth

I’ve started by using a watsit crisp to lure Tink to open her mouth. As soon as she opens her mouth I “tag” and reward by giving Tink watsit in her mouth and repeat till Tink is consistently opening her mouth. The next step I’ve faded the lure with the watsit and replaced with my finger near her mouth. As soon as Tink opens her mouth “tag” and reinforce with watsit.

Tink understands me

I just asked Tink “is your mummy back?” I got a blank expression (processing) then a huge smile. She understood what I said.

Putting DO and DID to use

Awhile ago Tink learned the words do and did it. She picked these up from me modelling them to her either me asking her to do something or after she had. She started to generalise these words.

Tonight Eirinn was in the corner of the living room when she started to say “Dado do,” I realised she was telling me had done something in her nappy. I got out the changing mat and Tink by her choice crawled across the room and got on it herself. She has never done this before. So I changed her and she was wet. 10 minuites passed and this time Tink told me “dado did it.” I checked her nappy and sure enough she had pooped. So the first time that’s what she was telling me, she was telling me she was going to have a poo. She put this together herself, I knew those words were going to come in handy.