“Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it”- Roald Dahl

tinkEye Contact

Just sat chilling on the settee, Tink is on the floor watching her programs. She turns her head and gives eye contact “tag” reinforce with watsit. Tink carries on watching her program, then turns her head and gives eye contact “tag” reinforce with watsit, ┬áTink gives eye contact again “tag” reinforce with watsit. Straight away she gives eye contact again for longer “tag” reinforces with watsit. Tink moves across the floor giving eye contact laughing towards me. Tink is at my side “tags” reinforces with tickles. All from her own choice.

21 attempts to push free and stand

21 attempts to push to free stand from Tink in a thirty minute period. Just Tagging and reinforcing her- no physical guiding, no prompting. Just instant feed back and reinforcement. Each one of those attempts was working muscles and gaining balance and each one was a success that built confidence.

Tink says “goodnight”

Nat taking Tink up to bed. They stop at the door and Nat says “goodnight Daddy.” Tink says “na niiiii, na niiiii dado” BOOOOOOOOM ITS A KIND OF MAGIC